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Henri Gabriel Louis Philibert Gomichon des Granges de Saint-Valérie, born the 6 april 1863 in Rebais (Seine et Marne). He died the 6.2.1939, 13 rue Oudinot Paris VIIe, domiciled 35 rue de Sèvres Paris 6e (1).

The family Gomichon is an ancient family catholic of Burgondy. The first Gomichon known is Jean GOMICHON (1536). He was probably born about 1610/1615 in the occidental part of the province of (and actualy the departement of Allier), and, probably, to Treignat. There, he was ploughmann at the begin of XVIIème century, and he died in 1654. He lets a big heritage to his sons, sahred in 1659. His spouse Léonarde COURSANGES (1537) comes from of the nearby province of Marche ( actual department of Creuse). She died in 1659. Of their marriage were born 7 children, whom Georges is the first and follows.

Georges GOMICHON ploughman, dead the 3 october 1694 to Treignat,
got married, the 28 february 1656 to Treignat, Jeanne AUJAY (of Grosbost,
hamlet nearby Treignat) dead to Treignat the 24 january 1713, Of their marriage were born 10 children. The 6sixtynth Grégoire follows.

Grégoire GOMICHON born the10 février 1672 in Treignat, dead aux Peux
in Treignat the 8 août 1720, ploughman in this parish, got married about
1695, Catherine RUCHON. four children whom Jean, who follows.

Jean GOMICHON born the15.7.1697 in Treignat, dead the14.12. 727 in Treignat, ploughman in Treignat, got married, in Treignat the 3.2.1723, Françoise BONTEMPS, born the 28.2.1696 in Treignat, dead the 24 octobre 1733 in Treignat. Two children whom
Jean, who follows.

Jean GOMICHON born the17.5.1726 in Treignat, dead the15.9.1774 in Treignat (Les Peux), ploughman to Treignat . He got married, in Treignat, the 20.1.1750, Marie LAFON(T), daughter of Antoine LAFON and of Elisabeth VAURY (from Soumans - 22). Eleven children whom Sylvain, who follows.

Louis, Xavier Silvain GOMICHON born the 6.3. 1758, first of the lineage to leave the earth and to know write. He settles in Bourbon-l’Archambault where he buys a charge royal baillif. He got married in Notre-Dame de Montluçon, the 20.2.1786, with Marie Antoinette REBRIÈRE , born in 1758 or 1759, daughter of Annet REBRIÈRE and of Marguerite de LAFOSSE, dead in Bourbon-l’Archambault the 28.3.1819. Of this union born nine children, whom Antoine Philibert, who follows .

Antoine Philibert GOMICHON born the 28.5.1795 in Bourbon-l’Archambault, baptisé the 9.12.1798 in Saint-Georges of Bourbon-l’Archambault, dead the 21.2. 1867, chief of institution in Paris, juge of peace in Chateau-Landon (77) the 21.2.1867 and burried in Bourbon-l¹Archambault with her wife etc. Philibert asked to join to Gomichon the name of des Granges (decree of 26 may 1855) (23,25). The arms are : d’argent, à la fasce d’azur et au 3 flammes au naturel dont 2 en chef et 1 en pointe (of silver, in the fasce of azure and in 3 fire in its own juices among which chief 2 and 1 in top). Motto : ça brûle (it’s burn). Corone de baron (crown of baron). Support, à droite : femme debout semée de flammes (support to the right: woman standing seeded with fire). A gauche : lion flambant (to the left: ablaze lion) (26).

He got married the 6.3. 1822 (ou 12 février) in Vaugirard (now a part of the 15th quater of Paris), Marguerite Céleste AUGER, native of Saint-Valéry-en-Caux (76). Her father was merchant of barrel. Of this union born three children, whom Charles Claude Victor Philibert Gomichon des Granges, who follows .

Charles Victor Claude Philibert Gomichon des Granges (6 april 1825 Paris XVe +25 april 1910 Paris XVIe), father of Henri, vicomte de Saint-Valé, ticket collector of recording and domains, knight of Legion honour (decorated during " l’insurrection des Alpes " of 1851), barister, director and owner of a factory of stained glass window in Clermont Ferrand (Puy de Dôme), editor of France Illustrée, director of Etoile du Foyer, member of the Société des gens de lettres, of the Société des études historiques, des Antiquaires de l’Ouest , painter on glass(8), author of 15 books : Album Cham in 1879, L'Aurore in 1846, Les contes de Perrault mis en vers in 1897, Histoire illustrée des paroisses de Paris in 1886, Invitation à la peinture sur verre in 1878, Les Légendes de l'art, in 1877, Poésies in1845, Récits du temps de Napoléon III. : Le deux décembre dans les Alpes in 1899, Le Roman d'une princesse in 1897, Vie de St-Hubert in 1872, Le Vitrail d'appartement, conseils pour pratiquer la peinture sur verre, pour la comprendre et pour la juger in 1871(28). He got married with Anne-Louise Benoist Merle, born 29 juillet 1837 in Diou (Allier), the 9 june 1859 in Le Mans.

He lived first 41 rue Mozart in 1883 (adress of his parents also), then 48bis rue Mozart Paris 16 the 19.7.1889, 141 rue Saint-Jacques Paris 5e the 4.12.1897, 89 rue de Rennes Paris 6e qin 1900, 21 rue Boulainvilliers the 8 january 1901, 7 rue Vital Paris 16e the 5.5.1902 and the 6.8.1910 (7). The family’s vault of his father is in Moulins. His father Charles, his brother Charles Marc 1861/1944 and his spouse Edmée Buchet de Neuilly 1873/1908 etc. are burried in the vault(27).

Records of service of Henri Gomichon des Granges :

12.12.1884 soldier 2e class in 67e in infantry regiment. Corporal the 12.6.1845. Quater-sergeant 24.9.1886. Sergeant 1.1.1887. Furlough 15.9.1888. Reserve 1.7.1889.

In reserve : second-lieutenant in 93e infantry regiment based to Caen. 11.7.1889, lieutenant 1.7.1889. Territorial army 4.12.1897.

In territorial : captain 6.8.1904 in 83e infantry regiment..

Discharge : 1.11.1909(7).

In 1901, he was journalist. Then vice-consul in Belgium between the 5 april 1923 and 10 janvier 1926(8b,15), then wines and champagne s(under the trade mark : Vicomte de Saint-Valérie merchant in 1927 of a firm in Epernay(16). He was also membre of the king Don Carlos VII order(8).

He got married with Anne Bertha Freund alias Fréand de Garrison de la Gravière the 18 september 1899 in Liverpool (England). She was born in London in 1874. She was the daugther of Otto Cuono Albert Constantin Freund alias Fréand de Garrisson de la Gravière and of Marie Victorine Garrison born the 30.7.1834 in Toulon and dead the 12.11.1905 to the hospital Lariboisière : 1 rue Ambroise Paré, Paris 10e. Her domicile was : 13 rue de Londres, Paris 9e.

Otto was born the 25.1.1831 in Karlsruhe (duché de Bade) or Carlshütte ? He was the son of Charles Freund and Christine Waltener. He died the 21.7.1897, 4 rue de Chine Paris 20e to the hospital Tenon et was domicilied 65 quai Valmy Paris 10e. He was sixty five years old and was interpreter(1).

He got married first the 7.3.1857 in Marseille with Marie-Louise Gazy Durand, born the 11.10. 1833 in Marseille (register 1 image 18) (you will find the genealogy further found on geneanet) dau of Alexis Edouard Durand and of Marie Jean Sarmegue (image 9 of register n° 4 online archives of Marseille).

Marie Victorine Garrisson had, first, a natural son : Alexandre Charles FOUQUE, called also GARISSON-FOUQUE, butler, born the 7.7.1857 in Marseille, adopted (not reconized) by Jacques Alexandre FOUQUE the 8.8.1878, butler. He got married the 2.7.1881 in Marseille with Joséphine Rosalie Saccoman, born the 7.2.1857 in Marseille, dau of Joseph Pierre, fabricant tuilier, and of Marie Rose Philippine Olivier (image 9 of register n° 4 online archives of Marseille). Jacques Alexandre FOUQUE was already dead. Wedding contract of the 15.06.1881 : lawyer Roubaled in Marseille.

Amélie Augustine Garisson, born the 4.8.1859, 8 rue du Pélican Paris 1er. She died the 18.8.1859 in Chapelle-Royale (Eure et Loir) in Charles Clément Ferdinand Yvon house where she was at nurse.

Marie Victorine Garrisson went to Paris and had different jobs : concierge, housemaid, dressmaker. She had daughters and sons :

Hélène Amélie Freund-Garisson, born the 23.7.1860 in Paris 5e. Her mother lived 3 bld Montmartre Paris 2e. She died the 18.2.1866 in Paris 1er, 294 rue Saint-Honoré and his father was Constantin Freund, living 249 rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er, 35 years old, butler. The word father has been crossed and Constantin Freund is begun only one witness.

Constantin, Alfred, Marie Garrisson, born the 7.10.1862 in Paris 9e. His mother lived 34 rue Lamartine, Paris 9e. He died the 7.8.1863 in Bonneval (Eure et Loire) in Louis Dominique Clement house where he was at nurse. His mother lived 34 rue Lamartine, Paris 9e.

Aimé Louis Garisson, born the 30.4.1864 Paris 10e to Ambroise-Paré hospital. His mother lived 34 rue Lamartine, Paris 9e. He died the 30.6.1864 in Bonneval (Eure et Loire) in Louis Dominique Clement house where he was at nurse. His mother lived 34 rue Lamartine, Paris 9e.

Elise Adèle Garisson, born the the 29.4.1865 Paris 1er. Her mother lived 8 rue Fontaine Molière, Paris 1er.

Albert Marius Antoine Garisson, born the 10.4.1866 294 rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er. His mother lived 294 rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er.

Alexis Victorin Garisson, born the 22.3.1867 Paris 1er. His mother lived 294 rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er. He died the 28.3.1867 in Paris 1er. First witness : Constantin Friend, living 249 rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er, 34 years old, butler.

Anne Berthe, born in 1874 in London, died the 28 october 1904 at Paris 16e at 30 years old to her home : 27 rue du docteur Blanche. At her death, her mother was rentier and lived Saint-Michel Street to Liverpool and her father was already dead(1).


Friend, Freind, Frend seems to be the many spelling variations of Fréant.

Marie Victoire was the daugther of Pierre Elzeard Garrisson, chief maneuver of navy in Toulon, born the 21.10.1792 in Toulon and died the 24.10.1852, married the 2.3.1829 in Toulon with Marie Anne Serret died the 19.11.1848 in Toulon.

Her grand-father was Jacques Garrison, sergeant in the royal body of the artillery, based in Toulon in january 1792, then second lieutenant of cannonier of navy, born the 8.10.1756 in Montauban, died ? , married in 1792 in Toulon ? with Marguerite Monique Laure, died the 12.12.1797 in Toulon.

Her great-grand-father was Jacques Garrison, butcher born the 28.3.1715 in Montauban, died the 4.12.1788 in Montauban, married the 5.7.1741 in Montauban (parish Saint-Jacques) with Antoinette Gardes, daughter of Bernard, weaver, and Anne Bergines died the 24.5.1792 in Montauban rue des Lixes.

Her great-great-grand-father was Jean Garrison, butcher, born 6.3.1686 and died betwen 1764 and 1766 in Montauban . He got married with Jeanne Labruguières daughter of Jacques, mercheant, and Jeanne Marty died between 1755 and 1766. From father to son, they were all butchers until circa 1450.

Then always in direct line, her lineage until the first ancestor known :

-Jean GARRISSON, butcher, born the 25.5. 1657 in Montauban, died between february 1692 and september 1708. Married to Temple the 17.4. 1682 in Montauban with :

Jeanne ROUX, daughter of Jean ROUX, called Balenat, shearer of sheets in Villebourbon, and of Catherine MAFRE, born between end of february and the begining of march 1655 in Montauban, godmother in january 1720.

-Jean GARRISSON, butcher, born the 9.6. 1620 in Montauban, died the 6 november 1692 in Montauban. Married to Temple the 9.7.1656 in Montauban with :

Marie Mariette, widow of Jean Emboulas shearer of sheets, daughter of Elie and of Noémie Malbreil, born the 25.10.1629 in Montauban, godmother in september 1684.


-David GARRISSON, butcher, born the 24.8.1593 in Montauban, died the 2 may 1651 in Montauban. Married to Temple the 16.2.1618 in Montauban with :

Jeanne Brotie, daughter of Jean, serger, native of Poitiers and of Antoinette Berthoumieu, born the 30.9.1601 in Montauban, died in january 1656.

-Barthélemy GARRISSON, mercheant butcher, already died in june 1636. Married to Temple after the 7.12.1586 in Montauban with :

Jeanne Lacaux, daughter of Antoine master hosier and of Astrugue Artis. Godmother in april 1616.

-Nicolas GARRISSON, butcher, died between january 1579 and november 1581. Married by contract the1.12.1552 in Montauban with :

Marie Thomas, daughter of Barthélemy, called colhotis, " tréguinier " and of Antoinette Faure.

-Hughes GARRISSON, junior, butcher of Montauban, mentioned in 1506, died between april 1556 and mars 1557. Married with :

Thomase Seguy.

-Jean GARRISSON, junior, butcher, says Lo Grazalié, mentioned from 1471 to 1504. Married with :


-Seguin GARRISSON, ploughman to Esquiès vers Bas-Pays (Montauban), mentioned from 1420 to december 1461, was already died in mars 1471. Married by contract the19.6.1420 in Montauban with :

Sebelle Caussade, daughter of Pierre and of Raymonde Sicard.

-Jean GARRISSON, potter in Montauban, mentioned from 1416 to 1419. Perhaps married with :

Elips Bessard(2).

The Garrisson come from Montauban and belong to the nobility of Quercy. After the revocation of Decree of Nantes, some of his members had to emigrate in Hollande because the family was of protestant religion(19).

Among the member of the family Garrisson a Marguerite de Garrisson, daughter of Pierre de Garrisson, doctor and lawyer, particular lieutenand in the présidial and seneschal of Montauban, adviser and secretary of the king, consul of Montauban in 1648, born the 11.7.1611 in Montauban and died the 23.6. 1687 in Canterbury (England) and Marthe Cambel daughter of Adam Cambel doctor and royal teatcher of medecin of a scotish family, and of Marie Besse born the 23.4. in Montauban and died the 31.1.1657 in Montauban.

Marguerite de Garrisson was born the 7.1649 in Montauban. She got married the 9.2.1672 to the church of Combarieu with noble Jean de France, equerry, officer to the regiment of Durban, forswears the Protestantism the 15.8.1685, born the 26.9.1645, died the 27.6.1690 in Montauban, son of noble Jean de France et de Marthe Viguier(2).Jean de France was also Lord de la Gravière. Follows his weappons.

The seal of the family Garrisson : " d’or à un chêne de sinople englanté d’or, posé sur une terasse de sinople, au chef de gueules chargé de trois étoiles d’argent " : of gold in an oak of vert englanté of gold, put down on a terasse of vert, to the leader of faces loaded with three stars of silver) (20).

The family Garrisson had also beared : " d’or à un chêne de sinople fruité d’argent " : of gold in an oak of fruity vert of silver(20).


The consanguinity between Marie Victorine Garrisson and Marguerite de Garrisson is very distant. It is necessary to go back up until 1450 to find an origin common : A younger brother of junior Jean says Lo Grazalié, in the third generation, called Hugues, also butcher, had a son, Jean who was notary in Montauban, testament in 1545, dead before 1566, spoused Jeanne BARDON.

His son : Guillaume, born in 1545/7, dead in april 1557, spoused en 1567 Anne de Verdie, dead after 1582.

His grandson Isaac, father of Pierre de Garrisson and grandfather of Marguerite de Garrisson, baptized in December 3rd, 1570, died in Montauban on June 12th, 1635, merchant, burgess of Montauban, consul de Montauban in 1610 and 1625, second consul in 1628, delegated to conclude a truce of ploughing with the royal army, and in 1629 been part of montalbanais which come to ask Richelieu not to destroy the walls of the city, make out a will on May 26th, 1635. He married in 1593 Paule NEROT, and remarried on November 15th, 1598 in Montauban to MARY BEROARD, who made out a will on May 19th, 1638 (2).


Henri Gomichon des Granges was a close relation of the duke of Bourbon-Parme and especially with the count of Chambord, living in a Castel in Compiègne. He had a great collection of paintings which has been transported at Buneos Aires (Argentina) and a part of it, has been sold in 1948 by his son Louis(9).

He had a brother Charles Marc Jean-Baptiste, Henri, Philibert, Gabriel Gomichon (15 may 1861 Le Mans- 14 juin 1944 Paris VIe) academy officer, letter aggregate in 1890, doctorate in 1897, teatcher in the high school of Saint-Quentin then Paris : Stanislas in 1892, Henri IV in 1905, Charlemagne in 1920, founder of pedagogic magazine and director of editions classics Hatier. He wrote many books : La comédie et les mœurs sous la Restauration et la monarchie de Juillet (1815-1848) in 1904, La composition françaises aux divers examens in 1929, Les grands écrivains français des origines à nos jours in 1938, Histoire de la littérature françaises des origines à nos jours in 1910 translated in English, Charles des Granges, Geoffroy et la critique dramatique sous le Consulat et l'Empire : 1800-1814 in 1897 etc.(28). His history of the french litterature was no more diffused after the success the collection : Largarde et Michard. Lectures in american universities of Columbia, Harvard, Middlebury and Pennstate College

He got maried with Edmée Buchet de Neuilly (29.10.1873 Chézy- 15 février 1908 Paris).

He had two sisters : Marguerite was born the 4.1.1872 in Clermont-Ferrand and Louise was born the 17 mai 1878 in Clermont-Ferrand.

A Comtesse of Saint-Valérie lived had an occasional lodging 13 rue Nicolo 16e in 1911 (perhaps his mother) (11).

But in 1935, Henri Gomichon Des Granges lived 26 rue Saint-Lazare in Compiègne with his son Louis and his wife(17). He had also a house to Epernay (Marnes). He was widower to his domicile : 35 rue de Sèvres Paris 6e (5). He was director of a wine exploitation in 1936 (5).

The son of Henri and Anne Berthe : Vicomte Louis Robert Charles Henri Xavier Constantin Philibert Gomichon des Granges de Saint-Valérie, born the 31 march 1902 in Paris 16e and his wife vi-comtesse born princes Marie-Louise Galitzine was godson of the duke and duchess of Bourbon-Parm. They get maried the 29.9.1934 in Paris 8e. Marie-Louise was borned the 23.08.1902 in Berne and died the 6.9. 1975 Paris. She was the daughter of Pr Boris (born at Chenonceau the 13.09.1855 and dead the 16.10.1916 in Paris) and of Nathalie Zarzeuska (born : 30.04.1882 Lausanne) hereditary polish gentry. Her grand-father was : Pr Alexei Andreievich (29 Jul 1767-Alexianovka 31 Mar 1800); married in 1791 with Alexandra Petrovna Protassov (20 Mar 1774- St.Petersburg 16 Oct 1842).

Marie-Louise descended of the second branch of which the author was Pr. Michel Mikhailovitch (1674-10.12.1730), third line of which the author was Pr. Michel Andréevitch (1639 + 25.9. 1687) (14).

Louis was corporal in the 54 compagny of Compiègne in 1923(8b). He died the 13 september 1977 Paris 8e, 90 avenue des Champs Elysée and domiciled 35 avenue Friedland Paris 8e, domiciled 35 avenue Friedland Paris 8e, widower of Princesse Marie Louise Galitzine(1).

Louis and Marie-Louise lived 35 rue de Sèvres Paris 6e between 1936 and 1939. They are burried in the cimetery of Thiais : 15e division, 10e line, grave n° 26.

They have no posterity.

Their daughter : Marie-Antoinette born the 17 mai 1901 was god-daughter of Don Carlos de Bourbon, aspiring to the throne of Spain under the name of Charles VII, and was carmelite to Dijon in 1923(8b). She took the veil the 1.2.1922 to the carmel of Dijon. She died the 6 février 1936 of tuberculosis in Dijon.

She has no posterity.


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